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Living in this world, but my mind might be somewhere else.

My hometown is no longer quite a country town, but there's still only one stop light and no sidewalks. My favorite time of day is the not-quite bright of dawn, and the cobalt of a twilight sky. Airport terminals and train stations hold a thrill, thinking about the path ahead and what I'm leaving behind. I have climbed into Tír na nÓg through the cave mouth of Oweynagat in County Mayo.

I’m interested in writing into liminal spaces: those subtle, in-between aspects of life that carry an unmistakable queerness, easily overlooked and often ignored. I am fascinated by and continue to return to the concepts of gender fluidity, forbidden desire, ghost stories, nature as character, and the repetition of history. My Irish ancestry often holds the torch and provides focus. Often times, I experiment with these concepts to write through aspects of my own identity that I wish to better understand. 

After all, it’s all about the journey, isn’t it? 

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